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Chateau at Lauzun
View of Chateau in Lauzun
The lake at Lauzun
Bridge at the lake in Lauzun
Eymet Market
Eymet Market 4
The cellar at Domaine fe Grand Mayne 2
Saturday night repas in Lauzun
Saturday night in Lauzun
Grapes at Grand Mayne
Vineyard view
Beautiful water lily gardens
Wine tasting
Relax with friends
By Judi Creese

There is plenty to see and do around Lauzun

Lauzun (10 minute walk) has a tourism office, restaurant, bars, boulangerie, butchers, bank, pharmacy and a small market on a Saturday morning selling fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, cheeses, bread and local wine. The boulangerie is also open on a Sunday morning (Closed Mondays).

Eymet (10 minute drive) has a market on a Thursday has a number of bars and restaurants and a Carrefour supermarket (open Sunday mornings too).

Miramont's (10 minute drive) market day is on a Monday for fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat cheeses, bread and local wine. There are some good value restaurants here too. Supermarkets are Intermarche, Lidl and Leader Price (open Sunday mornings).

All the local towns have a market day and we can provide you with further information about where, what and when. We are a ten minute drive from Miramont and Eymet, 35 minutes to Begerac and just over an hour to Bordeaux and Sarlat.


The area is great for walking, cycling and fishing.


Lauzun is a historic and picturesque village just a few minutes walk from Domaine de Beausoleil. Perfect for an early morning stroll to collect the croissant for breakfast or for a lunchtime beer in the local bar.

One of the great features of life here in July and August are the local Night Markets. They usually consist of a number of stalls selling freshly cooked produce, wine and beer set around tables in village square or main street. Everyone is invited to join in (remember to bring your own cutlery and plates!). Lauzun holds its night market on a Saturday night and of course is one of the best.


At Home


  • There are two swimming pools for guests to enjoy, at the front and back of Domaine de Beausoleil.

  • There are fields and gardens to relax in and observe the local wildlife.

  • The surrounding lanes offer a picturesque backdrop to a walk, run or cycling excursion

  • We keep our own ducks and chickens. There is often a surplus of fresh eggs on offer!

  • There is plenty of games equipment available including table tennis, darts, badminton, cricket and football.

  • Each gite has a BBQ to test your outdoor cooking skills.














At Domaine de Beausoleil we are passionate about food and drink




Part of the fun of visiting France is to sample the delicious local cuisine. The Lot et Garonne and the Dordogne offer a fantastic range of organic meat, fish, vegetables and fruit in the local shops, markets and supermarkets. We keep ducks and hens which have access to part of the garden and provide us with fresh eggs every day.

Specialities of the region include: Toulouse sausages, sweet Montbazillac wine, Marmande tomatoes and Agen prunes. Local pork and duck is excellent and there are lots of duck products including foie gras. 



Set very close to the wine producing areas of Bordeaux, Duras, Marmande, Monbazillac and Cahors you will be spoilt for choice.


There are are plenty of vineyards close by who are always happy to see you and offer you a sample taste. Generally they are open year round, but tend to be closed between noon and 2pm.  Below are links to to three very different vineyards, all worth a visit.

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